A national programme of change is underway in child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), building on the three-year CYP IAPT project and cemented by the Future in Mind report, published by the Department of Health and NHS England in 2015. This report sets out the government’s vision of what an effective, modern children and young people’s mental health service looks like.

Future in Mind requires every area to develop its own Local Transformation Plan, reflecting these national ambitions and including commitments to transparency, service transformation and monitoring improvement.

Haringey published its own CAMHS Transformation Plan and 2015/16 Delivery Plan, identifying key areas for improvement within the borough1. These include expanding tier 2 capacity (early intervention) through the use of group interventions and digital solutions, improving access to parenting support and peer support, focusing on outcomes, improving information and accessibility of services, stream lining the transition between CAMHS and adult mental health support, and increasing engagement with BME families.

The findings of our current research combined with earlier studies and policy reports have informed our proposed framework for participation and engagement with parents and young people, as well as a toolkit aimed at helping in the monitoring and evaluation of participation and engagement activities.



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