Our vision is that: Providers of public services and housing are continually responsive to feedback; people are enabled and empowered to influence decisions relating to policy making and service delivery; commissioners of services ensure that contracts require providers to be both proactive in engaging with service users and responsive to feedback.

Public Voice has the expertise to deliver exemplary services, ensuring that we are the “go to” organisation in user engagement and service improvement.

We achieve this by: Listening to the voices of, and securing the confidence of all service users to build a robust evidence base. Taking, or supporting others to take, action to deliver positive change in service delivery.

Wheel of Strategy


Our values: We only seek business opportunities which allow us to genuinely enhance or empower consumers, service users or communities, and which allow us the independence required to undertake the work on their behalf.

We seek to re-invest any excess income in ways that maximise the benefits to local communities and empower consumers least able to speak for themselves.

We work to involve service users, feed back to them and ensure they see and understand the outcomes of our work.


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